January 18, 2011

Patchie [Walks]

We had a small ice storm last night, not enough to disrupt life (although schools were closed. Boy, do I miss those days.), but just enough to look pretty and give the world that stillness that only comes with snow and ice. Everything seems so fragile.

I assumed it would all be melted by the time I got off work, but a good amount of ice was still coating the world. I had the sudden impulse to take a walk. I pass a small park on my way home. I spent years of my youth in this park playing soccer, spent hours upon hours in the playground in recent years while I was nannying, and before the warm weather ended The Boy and I took a walk or two here. It was an easy decision. A soggy, wet, cold decision - but easy.

The walk didn't last long. I only snapped a few pictures (mostly because everything I wanted to get to was surrounded by a moat and I was in work clothes), but it was a nice little break from my normal post work routine!

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