January 16, 2011

Patchie [Reports]

I'm swinging in for a moment to report that while we did not move on to Regionals, we won the Ed-Ro-Char Award for Technical Excellence for our show! This is one of the two major awards they hand out for the state festival, and we will have this plaque with our show added to it hanging in our theatre lobby for a year, and then it'll be passed on the next recipient. I'm so proud of us.

A theatrical idea I had yesterday was bounced off of our group, and they seemed to think it was an excellent idea. We are still in the very, very, very early planning stages, but I am thoroughly looking forward to nursing this idea to life and seeing what becomes of it. It's a big risk. If things work the way I hope they will, it will be completely worth it. My theatrical break may be shorter than I had originally intended.

The festival, like last year, was a wonderful experience. I wouldn't change a thing, and our efforts did pay off. Yay us!

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