January 8, 2011

Patchie [Knits]

Every so often I get one of these knitting projects that I just hate. I hate working on it, I hate the yarn, I hate the way it looks, and I hate the way it blocks. Usually I hate the way it turns out, and promptly either give it away or rip it back so I can reuse the yarn. Well, this yarn I'd had for a few years. I couldn't find a project that used thick (and as little as I bought) yarn like this. Or I couldn't find the correct needles (size 17 dpns are not easy to come by). I hate it, but I was going to finish it, damnit. I'd gift it or sell it.

I put the buttons on (which I hated), and then tried it on to see if I got the placing right. I buttoned it up, turned around and looked in the mirror, and....kind of liked it.

No, really liked it. A lot. And kind of haven't taken it off since I finished it. And have gotten compliments from tons of people, including fellow knitters.

Not everything turns out the way you expect, good or bad.

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