January 3, 2011

Patchie [Cheers]

The Boy has access to season tickets for the Washington Redskins, and we finally both had the day available to attend a game! I had never been to a professional football game before, and I lucked out - the one we happened to be able to get to the skins were playing my favorite team - the New York Giants!

The Boy played down our seat locations - 15, 20 rows back from the field. It wasn't until we actually located our seats and I looked up I realized how close we were. 6 rows! That's closer than I could get to my high school football field because of the track. Easily the best seats I'd ever been in for a sporting event! The experience was great. We didn't partake in any tailgating due to the fact that it was raining literally until the moment we walked into the stadium, but my past life as a jock makes me love sporting events when people really get into it, and this surpassed any baseball game I'd ever been to. Lucky for me the stadium was practically split down the middle NY/DC fans, since DC doesn't have the best record this year and NY isn't that far away.

The Giants won, which made me happy. Plus, my first game ever and my team won - can't beat that. We are going to try to take advantage of having available tickets more next year. It's too fun of a day to miss!

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