November 22, 2010

Patchie [Tires]

Mondays are hard. I mean, besides the whole coming off of two days off, early morning, long day side of it. Working in the fireplace business, it means cold weather is our peak season. Monday morning I never arrive with short of 25 voice mails, on top of the sales tickets, surveys, installs, and deliveries I have to schedule that have piled up over the weekend. And the techs are frustrated because even though I've been there since September I'm still new and still make mistakes, and while it affects their day I'm the one that gets all the angry phone calls from customers who are mad that they waited too long to schedule something and now there's just not enough time to get to everyone before Thanksgiving. Which is in two days.

The last week or two though I've just come to terms with the fact that I'm not going to get completely caught up in one day. There's always a slump midweek, and that's when I can get to the 40 voicemails that have now added up.

But it's really taught me how people treat others. It's sad how rude and selfish people can be. It's frustrating that I am the first line of defense, and so everyone else's mistakes are taken out on me. It makes me mad to hear people I know talking to other people in my position like I am spoken to. It's not always the companies fault. Sometimes parts are held up in shipping. Sometimes things arrive damaged. Sometimes you need to just breathe and realize no one has died, no one got hurt, and in the end you're still going to get what you paid for. It'll all be ok.

There's the really sweet people, too. I get called "sweetheart" a lot, and some people are so happy they can't stop gushing. I've made a lot of people's days (and ruined just as many). But the customer who says "things didn't go right, please help me fix this" are much more likely to get the perks than the screamer who says he's going to "sue my ass off."

I like the job. It's nice people, it's good hours, and they are flexible with schedules and know you have a life outside of the job. It's not theatre, but it lets me do theatre, and that's really more important. All jobs have their frustrations. Mine are minor, and for that I'm greatful.

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