November 2, 2010

Patchie [Rallies]

Last Saturday I, along with 240,000+ others, attended the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. A few friends happened to come along as well, and none of us really knew what to expect. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be as political as others were making it out to be. I wasn't sure what kind of "special guests" would be included.

There was a lot of laughing. The signs alone were worth the trip. Almost everyone was pleasant and witty and on the same page. We watched a guy hanging from a tree for about 10 minutes while his friends tried to get out of his way, and when he finally made it up we cheered. The Mythbusters inspired Cheek Pop was a little bit epic, and the tv broadcast didn't nearly do it justice. And even getting in and out of the city wasn't bad. I think we timed it perfectly. It was still crowded, but not much worse than I've seen it at other (smaller) events. It felt good to laugh with so many other people.

Some people didn't get it. People stood on the outskirts of the mall protesting Fox, the government, caged animals, and other various things. The people in front of us, when we were joking around in one of the slower moments of the rally, turned around and snapped "you're missing the point."

No, you missed the point. Because the point was everything is taken way too seriously. As John Stewart put it, these are hard times, not end times. Yesterday's election isn't the last election. Every issue isn't the biggest issue. Flip flops are not going to kill us. "If we shout everything, we hear nothing."

It was 90% entertainment, 10% message, but that 10% of message was stronger than 90% of the messages I've heard. I hope people take it to heart. I hope the quote above lives as long as it should. It's a lesson we could all live by.

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