November 20, 2010

Patchie [Cons]

Look at me being bad and not updating again. Sigh. Oh well. All midweek consists of anymore is work and rehearsals anyways, Saturdays have been busy, and Sundays I am so adamant about not doing a single thing that I find myself asleep for 60% of it. So...there does my week. Rinse, repeat.

Last weekend I made my way to Alex's, where she got us lost on the way to her apartment. No, really. She cracks me up. The purpose of the trip was FaerieCon, a full weekend fantasy event complete with two masquerade balls, entertainment, and a ful lday of artisans showing their work. We skipped the dances this year because we had never been before, but it is a must for next year. It was such a blast! We ran into people we knew from RennFest, saw a bunch of artisans we had never seen before, and overall had a great time like we always do together. It took place in a hotel, and we had an amazing lunch of mussels while sitting at the hotel bar. It was a funny sight, seeing all these people in garb sitting around a bar!
Now we're in the dry season, the next renaissance "event" I'm aware of isn't until March. But then there's at least one thing monthly until my RennFest starts again. And just in time I recieved one of my purchases in the mail so I can drool over it until I have an excuse to wear it. I see many Damsel in Distress products in my future.
Today calls for an adventure with Nametwin, tomorrow I'm actually doing something with my Sunday and going to see Harry Potter. Family arrives next week for Thanksgiving!


Kindlekat said...

SO PRETTY! That corset looks great on you!!!

Patchie said...

Thank you!!