October 17, 2010

Patchie [Cooks]

Wednesday was Nametwin's Birthday and in celebration I bought her an Elephant and then The Boy and I went to our friend Jim's house to make everyone dinner. After much discussion and many texts back and fourth midday, it was decided we'd make Breakfast for Dinner. I was off work, went to the grocery store, and met up with them to first play a game of Scrabble and then cook dinner. I hadn't ever played Scrabble with anyone over the age of Seven, so it was a new experience playing with people who could spell better than me.

The boy and I made dinner and we all gathered around the table, joking and enjoying the low key, laid back company while enjoying eggs, cinnamon french toast, strawberries, and entirely too much bacon which we ate all of. It's an evening I hope we repeat soon - I think it was a good break from the routine for all.

The Boy and I also hit our six month point not that long ago, and his birthday was this past week as well. It's been a busy month!

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Nametwin said...

This was a great night. So fortunate to have been surrounded by (most of) my best friends in the world. Thanks again for helping make this happen.