October 5, 2010

Patchie [Continues]

I feel like I'm riding a roller coaster, where Wednesday through Friday I am doing nothing but looking forward to faire, but come to Sunday night right before bed and I feel like I can't possibly do this 7 day a week thing another day. I'm exhausted, my legs ache, and I'm setting my alarm for before the sun comes up.

Faire could easily become my life. I'm researching other faires around the country, figuring out which ones are the easiest to hit at least right off the bat, and planning accordingly. It's addicting. It's sad knowing I've only got three weekends left.

When it ends, I'm going to sleep like the dead. That first day I get that I don't have to set an alarm is going to be the sweetest thing ever. I'm going to be able to go out at night again and spend time with friends! I'll have new adventures! You'll hear about something besides garb and cider!

Actually you'll probably just hear about how I'm sick of snow, judging by what I've read and heard. But I bought the most amazing coat EVER, from Half Moon which I talked about about last year.
The half cloak was one of the best things I ever bought - it got me not only through what was apparently one of the rainiest RennFest seasons on record, but also through stage managing a production at an outdoor theatre. This coat was expensive. It was far from impulsive. It will keep me beyond warm at faire, beyond warm all winter long, and is unique and unlike anything anyone else has (this was a "custom" one because of the knotwork). The picture does not do it justice. There will be plenty more pictures of me in it, I'm sure.

And now that it's gotten cold work has exploded, too. I've spent the last two days on the phone literally the entire day, have almost missed eating lunch both days, and have been shocked by the fact that my day is already over when I look at the clock. I like being busy at work, it makes days go by fast. Now if only people weren't so rude about me not being able to schedule everyone in the state this week. God forbid you have to wait a week.

That's all for now, I suppose. Both The Boy and Nametwin's birthdays are next week. I have exciting Halloween plans at the moment, but no costume and almost no desire to try to come up with something clever which is a little disappointing.

Right now though when I'm not exhausted, I really am loving life. It's wonderful being busy again.

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