September 1, 2010

Patchie [Schedules]

On August 30th kids returned to school. On August 30th I started my first full time, with benefits, Monday through Friday office job. No more kids, no more crazy ass pets, no more hoping they remember to pay me, no more wondering if checks are going to bounce. No more feeling guilty for 3 weeks for buying a pair of jeans because I'm watching my money and need to be that tight. No more fretting I won't get enough hours in a week, worrying if my "job" is sick, or depending on the school schedule.

And with all of that, no more spending entire days enjoying the weather in a park and reading a book. No more getting paid to swim, eat someone else's food, watch Enchanted, bake cupcakes, or run to Target for personal errands. No more hoping someone takes a nap.

I am the master scheduler for a fireplace company, dealing in installing, cleaning, and inspecting. I have my own desk, email, and voicemail. I'm like a real person!

It's been ok so far. I'm still getting used to it. I don't exactly know what to expect out of a day yet which makes it a little stressful. I still don't "know" everything - the questions to ask customers, the answers to their simple questions - but I'll get there. I was also offered a job at Panera, and I'm glad this one panned out. I'm a college graduate. Cashier is not for me.

I'm crazy tired, but not nearly as tired as I thought I'd be. Talking to a co worker today (who got me the job and is also a very good friend), she brought up the point I've got nothing to show for it yet (and won't for awhile). I'm working like crazy, turning down social invitations left and right, and my bank account remains...well, gradually falling from gas and such. But that first paycheck will taste sweet, even though I've got a quite a bit of time to wait for it.

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