September 21, 2010

Patchie [Jams]

This last weekend The Rovers, probably my favorite local band (Although Scythian has a strong chance of being a contender if they ever come back to DC and do a show) happened to be on my stage at RennFest. Although it made the schedule tight and a little stressful, it was a lot of fun! Everyone was high energy and in good spirits, and The Boy was able to join me Sunday which made the day even better (the yellow rose he got me is sitting on my desk at work, making me smile and making me look forward to both getting off work to see him and getting to the end of the week so I can return to faire).
The novelty of being at faire and wanting to constantly shop (not that I’m not buying anything…the difference this year is instead of browsing daily I know exactly what I want and exactly where and when to get it. This is not proving to be a cheaper approach) has worn off and I’m finding myself remaining at the stage more and more, allowing the people I know to come to me rather than constantly searching. While I feel like I see less and miss meeting new people, it’s more relaxing and laid back, which is what I need right now. But boy do I eat a lot. One of the best things about faire is the food, and being there every weekend means I get to have everything, and try new things as often as I can. The latest discovery is the pork chop on a stick. It is amazingly good!
This last weekend has also let me break in my new camera (I still need to have my hhgregg rant on here, by the way. “Not impressed” is putting it mildly) and while I wasn’t impressed at first it is certainly growing on me. The only thing I miss is the 10x zoom I was spoiled by but I was on a budget and the DSLR is still in the works.

This last week I also got my first paycheck! It was a week earlier than I expected and celebrated with Starbucks, and the buying the girls roses at faire. I hadn’t gotten paid in over a month, so it felt good to actually have decent money in my account again. Now I can pay bills! Woo!

Next weekend at faire is Pirate Weekend, which is also a spectacle (in the good way, not in the trainwreck-y Love Yourself More way). Can’t wait!

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