September 9, 2010

Patchie [Brings]

Monday, Labor Day, is the one three day weekend we have at faire. As far as working goes, it's exhausting. You spend the two day weekends going "this is too short!" and then you hit the three day weekend, and you're happy that it's the only one. Especially when it's hot.

The great thing about that Monday though is a lot of people come out to faire who wouldn't normally make people specifically. While I didn't see the huge DC theatre group that I did last year, there were still quite a few that I bumped in to here and there. And along with the people who just happened to be there I brought up a carload including The Boy, his brother, and Nametwin. The days that are full of the people I know from home help break up the season, although by the end the days all end up running into each other anyway (in a good way!).

Although it never fails, I wound up with car trouble. I've been in and out of the shop all week, and the reasonable adult in me is looking at that money I have set aside for a DSLR and saying "that's halfway to a down payment on a car."

But faire makes it better. It makes everything better.

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