August 17, 2010

Patchie [Travels]

Sunday morning, six of us woke up ready to take a day trip to Pennsylvania for their Renaissance Festival. We set our alarms so we'd get there early enough, opened our eyes, looked out the window, and...noticed how wet everything was. Not to be swayed, we jumped in our cars anyways and started heading the rain. The entire time.

I had spent multiple days at the Maryland Festival in the rain. This would be no least it'd be warm. I wasn't sure about my travel companions. But we had already driven up there, we had free tickets, and there was no backing down.

The day was awesome. The neat thing about rainy days at a festival that lasts for over a month is that the crowd is almost nonexistent. It was a little misty, very overcast, but only really "rained" twice, for less than an hour both times.
I would not say the PARF is "better," but it is different. Different vendors, entertainers, grounds, and different people. The apothecary (spices, teas and such) shop is actually in a garden, which is neat. There is a full sized pirate ship that is one of the shops. They also sell "baby dragons" - Green Anoles that are more than happy to be handled and passed from person to person. The fairgrounds are also a vineyard/winery, so everything you're drinking is local and unique (the Sangria punch is FANTASTIC). I'm biased for the MDRF, but both are well beyond worth visiting. Plus at PARF, you can fight your friends in a fencing competition and try to pop each others balloons. We had a field day with that.
And with it being a rain day to escape the rain and try on costumes we befriended a seller who I had a great conversation with about life and such. And I bought the above at a fabulous discount, since I began as her only sale of the day, and convinced one of our group to buy a corset from her as well.

MDRF starts in less than two weeks, but before then The Boy and I are bouncing back up to PA to visit family this evening, and then leaving bright and early tomorrow for The Cape where we will spend five days.

And without meaning to, this vacation has become a celebration. I got a job!


Anonymous said...

You really should check out the MDRF Friends of Faire. You may find their message boards interesting.

Kindlekat said...


Patchie said...

I will check that site out!

And thank you, Kindlekat, I will post details soon :-)