August 31, 2010

Patchie [Revels!]

Opening weekend of the RennFest has come and past! And boy, was it a hot one. In the grand scheme of life it wasn't awful, especially for Maryland in August. But I certainly stayed warm, moreso Sunday. There was a good hour or more on Sunday I literally just couldn't drink enough water to stay hydrated. I maybe peed once all day. TMI? You'll get over it.

It was great seeing everyone again. The first day is aways exciting, especially walking in way before cannon (which signals the gates being open to the public) and strolling down the paths. Literally everyone is in garb, the shops are opening, and there's even a stay dog or two wandering about. It's a very surreal and serene moment before the business of the day sets in. Bagpipes are warming up and playing, and down near my stage someone (I have yet to see who, I'm usually busy) with a large booming voice sings amazingly and it carries across a good portion of the faire, and sometimes he times it just right and finishes just as the cannon goes off.

I'm tired. I'm sore. I'm slightly kicking myself for setting myself up for not enough sleep. But it's also awesome and totally worth it.

Next up: The new job!

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