August 30, 2010

Patchie [Returns]

Internet! Do not give up on me! I swear I will keep you updated, it just may take a few extra days because the last 3 days have been KUH-RAZY, and it's only the beginning of a solid 8 weeks of working at least 60 hours per week. But I will try to stay in the order that things happened, just understand that you may get 3 posts today and then not hear from me for a week. I like sleep. Deal.

We wrapped up our Cape trip with a solid day of rain, but the day before went and had amazing lobster rolls at Sesuit Harbor (a MUST) and then took an evening walk on the ocean, which seemed to become a quick tradition. The trip itself was everything I could have hoped for. Next year we're looking at more beach time, less "let me show you everything I always talk about and try to cram it into 4 days! Weee!"

Came home, snuggled with the kitties, and I spent my 4 days of freedom enjoying that freedom and I'm glad I did, because sitting here now I can look back upon it fondly.

Next up: RennFest, Week 1!

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