August 11, 2010

Patchie [Promises]

Internet, are you still out there? Because I feel I've been using you for all the wrong reasons lately. And maybe me using you for these reasons is why I've had one comment in the last month or more. I think I'm finally seeing the error of my ways.

I know I've been a pain. I update sporadically, I've had the tendency to complain a lot recently, and I haven't gone on any fun trips or had amusing things like The Kid or The Cat to report on. I've been in a self proclaimed rut, and when you know you're in it, that actually makes it harder to get out.

Things are very close to getting better, I promise. Updates will be more positive. I can't promise less gushing about The Boy and I will probably keep showing pictures of our cats. But this is the last full week of my current job and I am (hopefully) making a career switch, which'll bring about a whole new slew of (not-getting-me-fired) topics. In the next seven days alone I am embarking on two completely different day trips. RennFest starts in two and a half weeks. If all works out the way I hope it does, the pictures are going to suddenly get much, much better.

So stick with me, Internet. Everyone always looks forward to summer, and I am guilty of it as well. But I think the real thing to be excited for is, and always has been, fall.

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