July 8, 2010

Patchie [Neglects]

I want to tell you about the Celtic Fling. I really do. I want to go on about how the bands were all awesome, the people there from vendors to entertainers to patrons were all friendly and lively and even though it was over 90 degrees, you barely noticed because there was so much to take in. The faire grounds themselves are awesome with winding paths and little hidden spots all over the place where you can stow yourself if you want away from the crowds for awhile. The food was awesome and the sangria punch was better. I finally ordered my kilt in my tartan, and discovered a new band I'll be trying to see more of in DC. And sharing the whole weekend with The Boy, from introducing him to my aunt and uncle to enjoying the fling to the car ride home where we were so happy to just talk and enjoy each other's company where we didn't even feel the need to turn on the radio, was perfect.

Except...I've had a hellacious 48 hours, both with work and theatre. I hit the point tonight where I was just done and couldn't handle any more. I hate getting there and that sinking feeling afterwards. I get really disappointed with myself. And part of my problem is I just deal with things until I explode, and I completely reccognize that. The work thing resolved itself. The show is one of the best things we've done at that theatre in a long time. But my sanity may not be in tact. Certainly doesn't help that I've been nailed in the head at least once per run since we started, and never in the same spot or at the same moment in the show.

Maybe I just figured out where my breaking point is.

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