July 17, 2010

Patchie [Catches]

A few months ago I introduced you to Zorro, one of the five kittens The Boy's outdoor cat had back in May (which is when these pictures are from. I gotta fix that!). Two months later we doubled our amount of kittens we were keeping...meet Wendy. We caught the two of them yesterday (and by "we" I mean he chased them around the screened in porch while I cheered him on) and are keeping them in his room so that they'll slowly get introduced to his brother's cat rather than letting someone get eaten.

These are such lovable cats. Their a little skittish (Zorro moreso than Wendy. Wendy was like "no! Don't catch me! You'll ne!- ok, pet me.") but once their being loved they pretty much pass right out in your arms.
But they spent most of the night crying. Zorro started at about one and didn't stop til five, and that's when Wendy picked it up. Wendy spent most of the night curled up on my pillow next to me until she decided to run obstacle courses. Zorro was all over the place, but eventually passed out. The Boy and I did not get much sleep and when we hit that point that we started to get frustrated the two started talking to each other. It'd get quiet, and the room would errupt in "roglroglrogl?!"

We laughed. Zorro fell off the bed. We're all gonna get along just fine.

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