June 14, 2010

Patchie [Transitions]

I arrived back at home yesterday after spending almost 12 hours in the car. Besides crossing eight state lines (and stopping at an AWESOME diner in Connecticut for breakfast. Exit 55, the Parthenon or something. Do it.), I went a little out of my way to meet a friend who gave me her old cellphone - a Samsung Glyde - since mine crapped out. While not a phone I would have chosen for myself, it saved me probably $300 or more and I couldn't thank her enough! It'll last me until April, when I'm due for an upgrade of my own.

Within an hour of being home The Boy came over and we had a wonderful evening/night/morning together. It's good to be home and back with him again, even though I miss The Cape already. But I always miss The Cape.

Tomorrow starts the new job, so we are officially transitioning from "The Kid" to "The Girls," and will be referred to as Girl 1 and Girl 2. Though I haven't spent more than a half hour with them yet, it seems like it's going to be a better fit: the youngest wants to get into theatre, the oldest loves to read, and they both love to be outside and go to parks and stuff. These are more my kind of kids.

Here's to a whole new chapter of adventures.

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