June 3, 2010

Patchie [Sweats]

I am a firm believer after last Sunday that you have not experienced hot and humid until you experience it in a tightly laced up bodice in the middle of a field at a winery in Virginia where literally the only shaded area in the entire place was where the above picture was taken, there's no breeze, and only two small stands serving any sort of food or drink.

Folks, if you go to the Virginia Renaissance Festival eat beforehand, bring plenty of fluids, and for the love of god don't go when it's 92 degrees. It's a cute little festival that's only in its third year (I think), has signed a 10 year contract, and is growing. It was worth going, even if we only lasted about 2 hours. I wound up finding myself a pretty sweet wooden drinking cup that was a steal, and while there were two shops in particular with very pretty corsets, nothing in my size tickled my fancy. Wound up being a much cheaper day than I was expecting though, so that was good.

I'm enjoying my last few days of unemployment in the area. Saturday I head to Philly, and Sunday I catch a ride to The Cape with my Aunt and Uncle for a week. I'll start the new nanny job a day after I get back home. I am so excited to go. It was a stressful winter, and The Cape always has a way of renewing me. A renewal before beginning a new job is a good way to do it, I think.

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