June 8, 2010

Patchie [Photographs]

I am officially on The Cape, and am probably taking some of the best pictures I've ever taken up here. I'm quite proud of myself, actually. The weather is wonderful - a little cool and breezy, but still plenty warm to sit on the beach all day. Since it's so early in the season there are barely any crowds or traffic, no one is checking beach stickers yet for the parking lots, and everything in the stores are still on sale. I'm coming up here this early every year!

As always, this place is relaxing and rejuvenating even only a few days in. But more excitedly, right now it looks like I'll be coming up here again in August, with The Boy. So I'm sending him pictures daily, and I can't wait to show him around, too. I love sharing this place with those I love.

Today my cousin is off work by eleven, so we'll be hitting the ocean for most the afternoon. Her boyfriend is a fisherman and caught a huge striper last night, which will be our dinner tonight. I'll watch another sunset, spend another evening with my family, rinse, repeat.

I love this place.


Kristen M. said...

So jealous! Wish I had cousins at a cape somewhere... Love seeing all your photographs! Keep up this awesome work of yours!!

Patchie said...

Thanks girl!