June 12, 2010

Patchie [Leaves]

It's my last day up here, and while it's always bittersweet this trip it's a little different because I know I'll be turning around in about two months and coming right up here, this time with The Boy in tow. It's a neat feeling, not feeling like I've "missed" anything up here because I've got another shot at it in August.

It rained twice while up here, one of those times being this evening. I spent the morning on the beach, walking away from the crowds and sitting on my own, watching the waves. I'm ready to go back and face the rest of the summer, start the new job, and volunteer on another production. This trip has made me want to save money for various reasons, get myself my own fancy camera, and whip me into shape to print and sell some of my own photographs. Worse case I give them away as presents, right?

We leave bright and early tomorrow morning. My uncle'll drive us to Pennsylvania and then I'll hop in my car and drive the rest of the way home. And pick up a new phone. Did I mention that? A few weeks ago my phone took a kamikaze nosedive into a glass of sprite, but just recently decided to react and wont hold a charge. So a friend is giving me one of their old phones so I can make it to my next upgrade, thank god.

So...see you at home!

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Diana E.S. said...

Man... I'm so jealous of your Cape retreat :)