June 10, 2010

Patchie [Floats]

I apologize for the lack of posting up here...in the past I've been able to steal internet from the neighbors, but this year they've put a password on it (blast!). So I've thoroughly enjoyed going to the Chocolate Sparrow for their free wifi and sweet, sweet chocolate, but it does make it slightly more inconvenient. Plus we've had fantastic weather (except for today, it's pouring) and I can spend time on a computer any day! I want to go to the beach! And take walks! And float for over an hour in the dark on a boat with no guiding light and a broken motor!


Ok, that last part wasn't planned. Went out on one of my cousin's friends boats for its maiden voyage this summer, and getting out to the backside of the Outer wasn't so bad. We had one little glitch and then we were on our way. We got out there, parked on the beach and grilled hotdogs, steak, chicken, and had fresh salad from their garden and these amazing lemon cookies. The sun set and it was beautiful. And then it started getting kinda dark, so we decided to head back. And what should have taken about fifteen minutes took over an hour because of the engine. The good news is we had a boat mechanic on board who knew what he was doing. The bad news was it was cold and my feet were wet. Looking back on it is funny, but my throat is acting up again, and I have a feeling the boat is to blame.

Otherwise, I've spent my days on the beach to some degree, either walking or taking pictures or just relaxing or all of the above. It's been a wonderful trip.

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