June 11, 2010

Patchie [Explores]

When you take long(ish) vacations in the same spot since before you were born, it becomes a second home. I actually find myself consider The Cape my first home most of the time. I'm more at peace here. It holds the most childhood memories. It's the place my mind escapes to when I'm afraid or upset or worried. It's the location I spend all year craving.

But the downside to that is you fall into routines, just like at home. You take the same roads, go to the same places, have the same adventures. I've tried to break that a little this year. As I said before, I'm up here pre-tourists and so navigating is a little easier because the roads aren't jam-packed with people who have no clue where they are. On my way to Race Point, a low-key beach that's near the tip of The Cape, I took a detour. I saw a sign I had never really noticed before. I wound up at Highland Light.

It's one of the oldest lighthouses on The Cape and was moved back semi-recently because of Truro's sliding cliffs. The opportunity to go up into the lighthouse is there, but they were charging, I left my wallet in the car, and I've been up in my fare share of lighthouses where I wasn't too dissapointed.

Maybe next year I'll make it a goal to hit some of the more southern lighthouses. I've gone to Nauset Light, Chatham Light, and the Three Sisters more times than I can count. What I'd really like to do is get here in the off season - maybe October - and explore the place in a whole new way. Haven't been up here for Christmas in over 10 years, either.

This vacation has been wonderful, even if my allergies are in full swing. I like making my own schedule, doing my own thing, and having the freedom to do so. Today calls for another long afternoon on the beach, followed by PTown. Can't wait!

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