June 17, 2010

Patchie [Decides]

I've been going back and forth with deciding on what to refer to The Girls as on here. The Kid fit so well with the last job, but there was only one. Now I have two girls. Who are named after nouns. Do I just use a different noun? That seems lazy.

I've decided on Five and Seven, since that is their ages and it'll be easier to tell a story that way rather than Girl 1 and Girl 2, which'll get real old real fast. Now, here's hoping we don't have a birthday mid-summer.

Seven reminds me a lot of myself. A little more shy and timid, she'll take a step back if she wants attention rather than launching herself at your face with flailing limbs. (Flailing Limbs, by the way, was one of the names I had picked out for Five). She likes to read, asks questions quietly and politely, and completely knows when I'm manipulating Five and loves it. She gets bored a little quickly, but she doesn't throw a fit over it. She just sort of mopes. Sandwich of choice: Peanut Butter and Bread.

Five makes me want to wear a helmet. Or make her wear a helmet. She is all attention whore and loud and needy and hyperactive. She demands rather than asks. She will launch herself at your face like an angry raccoon if she is feeling neglected. She always wants candy. You know exactly how she feels and at any given point, and you don't even need to look up from your magazine to know she hasn't been kidnapped on the playground because you never. stop. hearing. her. But in light of all of this, she has one of the longest attention spans I've ever seen on someone under the age of 13. Sandwich of choice: Pepperoni with pepperoni and pepperoni.

On the first day, Five threw a tantrum over the amount of candy she had eaten and the fact that I wouldn't let her have any more. I am vigorously implementing "please" and "thank you," and when Five asked me today why I always make her say that, I responded with BECAUSE YOU'RE RUDE. Five feels lost without Seven. Seven takes being looked up to to heart, and looks after Five. It's the typical oldest/youngest sibling scenario, especially since they are so close in age.

We don't have a routine yet. We'll get one soon, and it'll be a little smoother. But this is already leaps and bounds above what the first week with The Kid was like. That time I wanted to kill myself. These two just make me want to have a mimosa and take a nap.

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