May 24, 2010

Patchie [Shares]

Very, very good friends of mine have had a life changing event happen to them in the blink of an eye, and have spent the last couple of months adjusting to what she consistently refers to as "the new normal." This new normal is something they don't even have a firm grasp on yet. I, and many other like me who want to show our love and support, have been cheering from the sidelines, trying to find that happy place between letting them know we are here for them in any way we possibly can be, and giving them space so they are not even more overwhelmed. The amount of prayers and positive vibes and thoughts that have gone out to them have been astounding. The strength they've shown through facebook updates, word of mouth, and blog entries has been inspiring. And another friend, teemed up with the two who have experienced the event, has helped us all to understand a little better.

A Fragile Hope is a blog started as a final project for a Master's Degree that has turned in to a way for those of us who haven't experienced a spinal chord injury to understand a little better, and a means of support for those who have. Complete with first-hand accounts from the friends who are going through this as I type, it's written wonderfully and provides exactly what I think it should: hope, information, and guidance.

This is a public blog. My readership has grown beyond those I know personally, because little points are appearing on my map where I've never been or know anyone who lives there. I don't know your stories, and maybe this is something that'll help you directly or someone you know. Regardless, it's worth sharing and reading.

"Life, now. Love, now."


Diana E.S. said...

I wish I was there to support them. Even though they aren't actually in MD right now...

Jackie said...

Thank you.

On so many levels.

Patchie said...

Diana - We're all there in spirit. He'll be home before we know it (and so will you!).

Jackie - you are absolutely welcome.