April 3, 2010

Patchie [Walks]

Living near DC has many perks. Many events, some with short notice, occur within the city and allow for instant planning and easy trips. Any time we have company that needs to be entertained it easily takes up a day. No matter how many times you've gone you haven't seen everything. It's a city rich with museums and monuments and parks and attractions. And the number of festivals is obscene.

One of the largest festivals DC has is the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is always the first week in April. Because they plan a multi-million dollar festival around a natural occurrence, the "peak" blooming period isn't always necessarily during the actual festival. This is where living near the city makes a difference. It doesn't matter when the festival is held, we can hop up there as many times as we please. This year, the peak day happened to be Good Friday, and I happened to have the day off. So off we went!
It was a beautiful day - crowded but not unbearable, cloudless and 80 but just breezy enough to keep you comfortable. We walked the entire Tidal Basin - a solid 2 miles - and found ourselves relaxing underneath the blossoms while the pedals slowly fell around us, talking about life and little silly things and taking it all in. The day was utter perfection.
Later we met up with Nametwin and another friend and wandered our way to the WWII Memorial before calling it a day. Wrapped it up with a quick trip to the Apple Store, a fantastic dinner, answering a question, and falling asleep cuddling to Family Guy.
Life couldn't be any more amazing than it is right now. Meet The BF.

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