April 10, 2010

Patchie [Shows]

Took The Kid to a local museum, one that I frequented in Elementary school. Speaking of which, did that happen in any other state for any of you? Being so close to DC our field trips were always to museums, but there were one or two that we literally did every single year. Why not mix it up a bit? It's not like we don't have options around here! Anyway.

This one in particular I hadn't been to since about the 5th grade, and all I remembered about ti was it was really dark inside, there were creepy mannequins, and a lot of oyster shells that they were standing on.

Now they have aquariums, otters, digital displays, and all sorts of fossils and such. Might have been a little bit over The Kids head (lots of timelines and stuff and less...I don't know, "this is a duck" or whatever 5 year olds like).

Made for a nice afternoon, though. I wound up working a 10 hour day and showing her the museum really broke it up nicely. Plus then she took a 2 hour nap, which is always the point. Right?

Other things in life are going well. Job hunt is still unsuccessful, although I've been pretty poor about following up this week. On the opposite side, I've gotten a few more leads. Have gotten myself involved in at least 2 productions for this summer on top of the one act, and am greatly looking forward to RennFest season. The weather is nice, which means more adventures to write about. Can't wait to start them.

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