April 14, 2010

Patchie [Grumbles]

Frankly Internet, today sucked. The Kid was hell to deal with, the dad and the two older siblings all got into this huge screaming match that went on for almost an hour and was uncomfortable for everyone, and I found out a family member is sick.

In the grand scheme of things it's really not so bad, I suppose. The work stuff is hard because I put work and professionalism in the same category, except I'm working in someone's home. So how can I expect them to be professional? I'm certainly not professional at home. But still. I don't think I could carry on a fight like that with a stranger in the house. And the kid...well, the kid is 5. I'm ready for a change.

And the family member thing is complicated. Said family member is older, and I haven't seen her in years. It's bringing mixed feelings, but was still a bit of a blow.

Yesterday was good though, I will be doing the teen camp again with the theatre this summer for a week, and I went from not working on much of anything this summer to doing shows in May, June, and July. The first is Secret Garden, a show I did in college and it will be my first official show with The BF. The One Act Festival is right around the corner as well. It snuck up fast. I still feel like I have a lot I need to accomplish.

I don't really know what else to say. I want to talk about some more of the good stuff, but I think I need to do that coming off of a better day.

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