April 2, 2010

Patchie [Feeds]

Took The Kid on a playdate yesterday which involved feeding ducks, geese, and fish as well as playing on a playground, eating a picnic, and taking pictures. God, I love spring.

When it came time to take The Kid home, she fell asleep in the car and we wound up sitting in her driveway for 40 minutes because if I try to take her inside she'll wake up and not fall back asleep. When she woke up she began to cry. No reason, no explanation, she claimed nothing was wrong. About ten minutes later, she was perfectly fine.

Do you remember being a little kid and crying really did solve everything? It was completely plausible and possible to cry your heart out and come out the other side brand new. Problems went away with tears. It'd be nice to have that again.

Which makes me sound depressed. And trust me, I'm not. I am happier right now than I have been in months. But if I could have cried it out like I used to, I would never have had a problem.

While nannying really isn't a job for me, it's certainly taught me a lot.

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