April 24, 2010

Patchie [Eavesdrops]

A springtime staple for me has always been to hit Old Town once it gets warm. Weekends are best, specifically midday, because you'll find all sorts of street performers from magicians to singers to Irish step dancers. There are plenty of little shops to wander in and out of, local restaurants and ice cream parlors to enjoy and The Torpedo Factory which is full of galleries and history. You can explore the waterfront or hang out by the town hall and fountain and people watch. I have seen three people propose at this location alone. I've never gone to Old Town and regretted it, and recently the National Harbor has set up a ferry system so it's easier to hit both in one day.

The thing about Old Town though is there's money. Nametwin and I always joke that in our hometown we're among the top 3% of well dressed and attractive people, but you throw us into Old Town and we're easily in the bottom 10. I mean, there's money. Cardigans and $300 sun dresses and highlights and popped collars kind of money. Pearls and heels and little dogs with sweaters and strollers that cost more than my car.

DC is an image city. It's who you know and how you present yourself. The fun part is finding the ones who dont match the image or their outward appearance. It's like a scavenger hunt.

The boy and I took a spontaneous trip there yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around while the sun set and people watching and catching the end of some of the street performaer's acts. We set off for Eamonn's which was featured on the Food Network at some point and has amazing fish & chips but I overshot it because apparently I can't read signs. Instead, we wound up in Tiffany's Tavern. We ate dinner and enjoyed the live bluegrass band they have there every Friday & Saturday night. I also eavesdropped on the table behind us, four young men straight out of The Gap talking about the Wall Street Journal and investing and the women who would be joining them and the manicures they'd be coming from.

The women joined them with their thick country accents (I'm talking THICK. I went to school in North Carolina and these were impressive). The two of them went to the restroom, and as the waitress came to take their drink order they walked past our table. The taller of the two, perfectly groomed in her black dress and stilettos strode by us and took her seat. She looked at the waitress, smiled, and ordered her drink.


Found one.

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Rachel said...

Don't you remember we ate at Eammonns once with my dad? Oh wait... we almost ate there once with my dad. HE ate there. Anyway, it's probably horrible.