March 19, 2010

Patchie [Reduces]

Took The Kid to one of those historical colonial cities the other day on a playdate, because the person we have the playdate with weekly works there as a guide, so we were able to get in free. I was able to take the D40 with me and while I was able to get some good shots, I'd love to go there without a 5 year old at some point to do it again and really be able to take my time and focus.

You know what's funny, though? My Dad is really the one who taught me how to take pictures. He was a professional photographer for a few years, and he's the one who helped me get to where I am now (although mt style has signififcantly become my own, I think). Anyway, the think he always told me was "think small." Anyone can take a picture of a waterfall...what about the leaf floating in the water reflecting the waterfall?

Problem is, I might think TOO small now. Macro is like a joygasm for me. I micro-analyze a setting. I can't seem to take pictures of bigger subjects as well. Which is why I take something like this:
And I only see this:
But hey, it's my style.


Sweetie said...

I do that with architecture and interior design. No small detail escapes my eyes.

I like the detail you bring forth in each of your photographs. You educate and artistically stimulate the viewer with each capture. Brilliant!

Patchie said...

Thank you Sweetie!

Marizabeth said...

I love your style. I think in angles. I try to find a unique angle that plays with perception (is the subject falling? Is it a reflection, or not?) and I also enjoy composition (rule of thirds, or the thirds within the thirds). I love your depth of field and unique perspective of detail. It's not your basic macro.

Patchie said...

Thank you Mary!!!