March 14, 2010

Patchie [Listens]

2010, although a much better year in general, has seriously screwed with my social life weather-wise. We got snowed in more times this year than I think we ever have total, usually on a weekend where I had somewhere to be or someone to see. It canceled plans, trips, events, and get-togethers. So when it's 50 degrees out and I've got an outdoor St Patrick's Day concert to go to, of course it's going to rain!

Actually, it was a blast. Groups we saw included LMFAO, The Roots, Carbon Leaf, The Tossers, and Train. Carbon Leaf and Train were my personal favorites, with The Roots not far behind. They put on a fantastic show, even with Train's technical difficulties where the speakers stopped working halfway through a song.
And as we stood in the rain, Barry from Carbon Leaf paused, looked out at us, and said "at the very least. At the very very's not snowing."

Amen, Barry.

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