March 27, 2010

Patchie [Breaks]

Wednesday was a long day. I had to work both earlier and later than I usually do, and once off work I had to race to my one act rehearsal, which was almost an hour away. So I drop The Kid off where I needed to, jumped in my car, rolled down the windows and blasted some O.A.R. to make the trip seem shorter.

So as I'm cruising down the highway, I hear a noise coming from the right side of my car. I look over, and the woman in the SUV next to me is looking at me. I rightfully assume the noise is coming from my car - it sounds like there's something caught in the wheel well. I pull over. Noise does not stop. First thought that crosses my mind is "oh my god I hit a kitten and IT'S STILL ALIVE."

I want to get out of the car to check for the kitten I've killed, but traffic is so heavy I can't find a break to open my door. I pull into the parking lot about 100 feet in front of me instead. Turn the car off, get out, call dad and say "I think I'm overheating. My hood is smoking and I'm leaking something that looks like pee."

A nice man happened to be having a cigarette outside of the laundromat that I had pulled in to, and he came over to help when I asked there ever-intelligent question of "Um, where am I?" From what we could tell, my radiator tank exploded - the cap was in a bunch of pieces, one of the places where a hose connects was broken off, and I'm lucky I reacted as fast as I did, because I was pretty damn close to having my engine overheat. The man waited with me through the hour it took for my dad to get to where I was and troubleshoot the issue.

Long story short, I also needed a new belt that has a fancy name. And between that, renewing my cars registration, and having to replace the radiator tank, I'm well over $300 lighter. And had to take two days off work to get it all done.

It was like a mini-vacation though, seeing as I've picked up a Saturday job and never get more than one day off at a time anymore. Plus Thursday night turned out to be pretty epic from celebrating a friends birthday, but that'll get a post of its own once I get hold of a picture or two to go with it.


Sweetie said...

All of my car shite seemed to occur when I was busiest (balancing a show and a demanding job). I had the SAME THING happen to my previously-owned car (the Acura) but the cost was just over $1,000. I was lucky, too, in that my car didn't overheat. I also paid the $$ because it was cheaper than buying a new car.

Looking back, that seems to be the least of my worries now. I hate to break it to you but life gets more expensive and more complicated. Enjoy the HELL out of your 20s, baby.

Patchie said...

Oh I know it will. The frustrating part I think is knowing that if I had a "real" job, I would be on top of it all and not really having to worry about money like I am now.

But not gonna lie, it's kinda nice not having a "real" job right now, too!