February 10, 2010

Patchie [Marks]

We are undergoing the worst snowstorm yet. In fact, it is snowing sideways. It's a little crazy.

I've been productive in a crafty sense so far, trying to knit a pair of socks and modifying a hat pattern for a friend to the point of pretty much writing my own pattern. I'd probably have it done if I wasn't getting distracted every thirty seconds by various things.

The new accomplishment though is pictured above...thanks to the friends I was snowed in with last weekend I learned how to make beaded jewelry. Yesterday I bought supplies, hunkered down this morning, and translated that knowledge into knitting stitch markers.
Keep your eyes open, because an Etsy shop is not far behind. And my local yarn shop has already expressed an interest in selling them in their store. This set is for me because there's little stupid errors here and there, but the next set will be for sale. I'll make money off my hobbies one of these days.


Erica said...

So I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stitch markers!!! I've been looking for some and haven't found any that I really like. So maybe when you make some, post some pictures or something because I would LOVE to buy some from you! Your so crafty, I'm jealous! haha!

Patchie said...

I will! The plan is to open an Etsy shop as well...but with all the snow and losing a whole bunch of hours of work money got tight, so buying supplies had to stop. But that should be changing soon!