January 23, 2010

Patchie [Thinks]

I'm still riding on the high that is the one act winning and really have been planning on and wanting to go into detail about little moments from the weekend here. They were surprised I was so young and directing, I had some great conversations with people whom I've known for years as well as strangers, and overall felt very accomplished and empowered by the whole experience, and am more than thrilled to experience round two when we get to it in May.

But then...it was a little bit of a strange week. There was a debacle with the hotel where they way overcharged me and I had literally nothing in my checking account for a few days until it got straightened out. I had a very strange conversation with someone that I'm still trying to sort out in my head. I realized there's a few people I just gotta let go of for awhile and let them float back when they're ready. Thursday, I both encountered someone who I never wanted to see again and was hurt by and appalled at another person who claimed to have cared about me not that long ago. So...it's been a weird week.

But I've got a new business venture that I'll explain better in the near future, once I get things under way. (Hint: not an etsy shop. I'm still working on that one). I spent the day cleaning and running errands and watching movies, and it's helped me let go of a few things from the recent future that were weighing me down a little. A new week is not that far away.

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