January 10, 2010

Patchie [Techs]

Yesterday we packed up our set, cast, & crew and headed to the theatre where the State Theatre Festival will be taking place to tech in the shows, where we practice setting up and taking down the set in a certain amount of time, run through light & sound cues, and can use the remainder of our allotted time to use the space as we see fit.

I'm working on not one, but two shows for two separate theatres this festival. I went from never having anything to do with it before to stage managing one and directing another. We're taking one of the three pieces from Bash which I did back in October and have mentioned before and didn't give it nearly enough credit. It was a fantastic show, and one of my favorites in its simplicity and literally everyone involved made it a treat. It's been a pleasure revisiting it. That one performs Saturday night.

Sunday morning, the piece I directed is the last in the entire festival to perform. Do I feel like it's ready? No, but rarely anything I produce creatively I feel is ready, from theatre to writing to photography. Am I proud of it? Yes. It's the Little Show That Could. I picked an excellent script and an even better cast, and that's 70% of the directors job right there. I pushed them as far as I could, and the rest is up to them. At the very least, it will be entartaining. I'm proud. I have no reason not to be.

I will be spending the night up there however, since the shows are only about 14 hours apart from each other. The first I will run, the second I will be in the house and I refuse to let myself go backstage. It's out of my hands. I'm glad they are in this order - sitting back & relaxing through the second one will be much more enjoyable. I look forward to having the weekend away from home. I'm going a little stir-crazy staying in the area so long. Which means maybe a vacation is due.

2010 is good, internet. Some things still need work. I'm not always happy with where my life is specifically. But overall it's better. A lot of positive things have happened already. I look forward to more.


Uncle Keith said...

I think you have every reason to be proud. You cast the show perfectly, and you picked a well-written and funny show.

Patchie said...

I think so too. Thank you for everything, UK!