January 1, 2010

Patchie [Follows]

I spent my New Years Eve in one of the oldest cities in America, and a city I hadn't visited in well over ten years. I will be returning there much more often after the night I had.

As the clock slowly wound its way towards midnight we hopped from bar to bar enjoying multiple Irish Pubs, a bunch of taverns, and around 11:30 found ourselves in the tavern at the oldest Inn in the state. We chatted and laughed, and in a lull in the conversation, I heard the sound that I can't help but be instantly drawn to:


We ran up the short flight of stairs to street level as 20 men and women marched down the street with pipes & drums, a parade of people already following them. We joined in, following them to the harbor. They circled up, and the countdown began. "Happy New Year!" was shouted, a moment was shared, and Scotland the Brave wailed above it all as a compass was run up the flag pole.

And if that is any indication on how my 2010 is going to be, bring it on.

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