January 28, 2010

Patchie [Cuts]

So once upon a time, I decided to dye my hair. I wanted something completely different. I was a college student! I was living away from home in a brand new state! I wanted to make a statement! And I went dark. I mean, waaay dark. Like, the above picture dark. Note: above picture is OLD. Two and a half years old, to be exact. I know a few people who would kill me if I went dark again, and Grandpa would be turning in his grave. Also, two thoughts crossed my mind when I uploaded this, because this used to be one of my favorite pictures of myself: 1. I lost weight in my face! and 2. Holy hell, are my eyes BLUE.


So it went though all sorts of transitions. Nametwin jokes that looking at my Facebook profile pictures is like "A Journey Through the Life of Patchie's Hair." Examples:

And sometime shortly after the last picture, I decided to go back to my natural color. I was graduating soon, I was going to be poor, and I wasn't going to be able to afford hairdye. Internet, never try to go back to blonde on your own. You end up with a waterfall of color and odds are, you're going to overshoot whatever color you're going for. And then the sun will bleach it, and it'll be like...oi.

Anyway, long story short this was me last week:
And Monday I went into the salon and said "see all that dark stuff at the bottom? Cut it off."
And part of me kind of already doesn't like it, because it took me 20 minutes to do my hair this morning. 20 MINUTES. I got spoiled by the pony tail. But, hair grows. And it's the closest to one color it's been in years. So...success?


Sweetie said...

I LOVE it! Love the shape; love the length; love your natural color.

My hair has gotten LONG and I mean, LONG. So long that I'm tired of it getting caught in my purse strap or having to haul my mane out of the back of my coat everytime I put one on.

Also, my hair is dark brown, nearly black again for the winter - my natural hair color. It had been lighter for so long that people I work with had forgotten that that was my actual hair color (still dyed though since I keep switching back and forth and I got the white hairs coming in at the crown).

Hair is our crowning glory and gets so much attention, doesn't it?

Patchie said...

I know, Sweetie! As I was slowly transitioning back to blond, everyone would go "wait, you're not naturally brunette?" It amazes me how much attention hair gets.