December 4, 2009

Patchie [Starts]

Wednesday night I got home from work and along with a friend put our Christmas tree together while we watching Young Frankenstein. I mean....we trekked into the woods and cut down a fir and...oh screw it. It's a fake tree. Commercialism and convenience wins. At least it's not metallic pink.

We had surprisingly few Christmas lights, and I decided to hold off and do them the next day, when I'd be bringing The Kid over to help me decorate the tree. The next day I discovered that two of the three strands did not work. Went and bought four oxes of Christmas lights, only to come home and discover that one of the four boxes was different than the rest. And I finally got around to exchanging it this afternoon, and wrapped up the tree about ten minutes ago. That's the longest it's ever taken to finish the stupid thing. But it looks nice.

While I was putting the first three strands on, The Kid was watching Rudolf. The four year old had no idea what the story was! Is that even normal? I mean, she's four so her memory may not be great (I know her balance isn't), but I was surprised. So now every time the song comes on the radio she goes "that's based on a movie."

Also completely finished the first of the handmade presents for the year - two 100% cotton washcloths that I'll give my grandmother. The original plan was to give out all handmade gifts, but I ran out of time. Next year, I'm starting in January.

The next ten days are going to be a whole new level of hectic. I'm stage managing my first pro show with the guys from RennFest, and it's located just under two hours from my home. So it'll be a long commute with even longer days. It'll be rewarding, but I'll be surprised if you hear from me.

But I still have a lot I have to accomplish before tomorrow, so I'm going to have to cut this one short. Something entertaining will come soon, I promise.

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