December 18, 2009

Patchie [Cheers]

I tell you what, that Christmas Special was stressful in all the wrong ways, but boy was it rewarding and a learning experience. I managed to get a lot out of it, from connections to experience to finishing up The Kid's Christmas present (she's getting a scarf, are you shocked?). It was a great way to really start the holiday season, since Thanksgiving seemed to low key this year and I didn't Christmas shop early like I usually do.

But I tell you what: I have not seen any of my staple holiday movies yet. Muppet Christmas Carol, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, or Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. I mean, I watched Young Frankenstein while I was putting together the tree which seemed a little backwards. But I need to see these! I hadn't heard my favorite Christmas song until last night when a friend sang it at karaoke, so at least I can check that one off.

Now all I gotta do is wrap a ridiculous amount of presents and bake until I can't stand it, and then I'll have covered all the basics.
I love our tree though, and its mismatched set of ornaments that all have meaning to at least one of us. The above is the latest addition, and I hope to feature more along with their stories here leading up to Christmas.

Although now that I've said something, it totally wont happen.

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