November 23, 2009

Patchie [Lists]

It's very easy to hate the holidays. I know plenty of people who do, and they all have their reasons. It's an extremely stressful time of year where money is tight, fuses are short, and we're smack in the face with cold weather again. We get very few hours of daylight. We feel obligated to spend time with family. We have to untangle Christmas lights.

As I sit here, I've been trying to catch up on knitting presents to the point where my fingers ache and the inside of my wrists tingle (I'm assuming the last part isn't normal. But it happens). I was going to do nothing but handmade gifts this year, but time ran away from me. I'm still determined to do as many as possible, even though it will be more stressful. Anyway.

There are things I look forward to every year, and in the heat of it all sometimes I forget. So I figure before I get into the full swing of things, I'd list them here. It'll be nice to have something to refer back to on December 22 when I'm ready to punch a Santa.

1. The sudden plethora of mint-flavored things. I don't know why mint is associated with Christmas beyond candy canes, but there you have it. Mint hot chocolate, mint milkshakes, mint brownies, mint Hershey kisses, and anything mint Starbucks. It's fantastic!

2. Wrapping presents. I have been wrapping everyone's present except my own for a good 10 years in my house, and I love it. It puts me in the Christmas mood.

3. Trans Siberian Orchestra. Enough said.

4. This year, it provides me with a wonderful stage management opportunity!

5. Putting the Christmas tree up. We're one of those heathen families that have gone plastic and burn a pine tree scented candle to feel less guilty. But I love putting the tree up, stringing the lights, and getting together with my brother and putting the ornaments on. And recently, I love watching grandma walk through the room and move all the ornaments to different places when she thinks no one is looking.

6. The holiday parties that you actually want to go to.

That's all for now. Before we get into the thick of it and start really cursing the time of year, I encourage you to share a few of your own here. I know many of us are eager to ring out 2009, and making the most of the time up until then will make it even better, I think.

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Julie said...

Great list!! I love mint and chocolate as a combo, and find that After Eight chocolates always make me feel in the holiday spirit!