November 5, 2009

Patchie [Butters]

Post Halloween, I developed a bit of a head cold (mostly a cough) most likely from the unending rain that kept away a lot of the trick or treaters and allowed me to eat a lot of butterfingers. There may have been a low grade fever wrapped in there as well, but I'm slightly special and have trouble reading the old fashioned thermometers and couldn't find my new handy digital one. So the fever will remain a myth.

Speaking of which, is mercury poisoning even an issue anymore? I remember it being a huge deal in science class in grade school to be extra careful with the thermometers, otherwise you'll get a case of the crazies! Everything's gone digital! I worry that if I ever decide to bring a small child into this world they will never know the wonders of a bookstore or a watch where Mickey's arms spin around and tell you what time it is.

Wow. That's not where I was going with this post at all.

So I've got this lingering cough that is worse the more I try to talk (convenient!). The Kid wants to play barbies, but I can't really carry on a tiny plastic conversation without erupting into a coughing fit. So I snuggled with the cat instead. And then it dawns on The Kid: we have not been to a playground in Forever and a Long Time!

Let me tell you what, due to the paving of an intersection it took Forever and a Long Time to get to the playground. Even The Kid was all like, "where are you taking me?"

So we go to the playground, and she plays by herself for a good 20 minutes and other kids show up and hoo boy, they all lost their minds. I don't know if it's the sudden chill in the air or if they are all still high off of Halloween candy and lack of oxygen via dunking for apples (is that even done anymore?) but those kids went nuts. And it was fun to watch them run around. So I pull out my script to read through for the hundredth time, and suddenly I hear a parent calling "The Kid's Mom! The Kid's Mom!" And I realized that was apparently me. If I had a 4 year old already, kill me. Just totally not my thing yet. Anyway.

Long story short, The Kid got her leg stuck between two wooden posts on the top of a ramp ladder...thing. And she was just sort of chillin out like "oh hai, how'd I get here?" until she realized that Helpful Parent was all flailing limbs, and she sort of started to panic a little. So I went up to her, pushed my forehead against hers and asked her to stay calm, and this was just a new fun game! In which I try to figure out how you got here! And more importantly, how do I get you out!

Only, I kind of want her to get herself out. She got herself in there. I'm trying to teach her to be more self sufficient, so I wiggle her a bit and then put my hands under her semi-stuck foot and have her on the count of three try to jump up using my hands. And you know what? She knocked herself free. On her own. And she was scared, but I think she realized she was able to do it. And that was a pretty cool feeling.

So Helpful Parent starts babbling on this story about her grandson who got his arm stuck at "The Arby's" behind a booth and the big fat cooks from the back had to bring out the lard and butter him up to get him out. And The Kid has her arms around my neck and it staring at this parent like she's bonkers, and I looked at The Kid and said "good thing I didn't have to butter you up. We'd have to eat you for dinner."

And she thought about it for a second, and said "we do use a lot of butter in my house."


Uncle Keith said...

You'll be a good future Momma!

Rachel said...

I don't really have anything to say, but that was TOTALLY deserving of a comment.