October 12, 2009

Patchie [Manages]

Roughly five weeks ago when I was by the water at one in the morning on The Cape, I got a text message from a friend. "Remember that show I talked about us doing next season?" He asked, "How about we do it in October?"

At this point I already knew I had the nanny job. I had the RennFest job. I would be working seven days a week, probably spending more in gas than I could afford and not getting nearly enough sleep or downtime. So my answer? "Of course."

I have been running on fumes, Internet. On top of the three obligations I've put on myself, I've got a budding social life I refuse to completely leave behind during these two months of insanity. Some days I wake up at eight, drive an hour, go to RennFest for nine hours, drive another hour, stage manage a show, and then drive another 30 - 40 minutes home. Or to a bar. And then I go home. And I'm having a blast. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Without the show life would have been a little easier. It wasn't necessarily stressful, just time consuming. But this show has really been a treat, working with fantastic actors and production team members that have made the show completely worth doing. We have something to be proud of, and I really am.

But what on God's Green Earth made me do nothing but outdoor theatre this fall? Internet, it is COLD OUTSIDE. I have been in a dark theatre for the better part of three years. Since when is it this cold in October?

At RennFest yesterday, I was bad. I spent a lot of money on myself.
It is a Half Moon Cloak, made of 85% wool and waterproof, and I am warm. It will do me well at the Fest as well as down in the outdoor theatre at night. Certainly beats a hoodie.

There's only a few weekends left both of the show and of RennFest, and I will be sad to see them both go. But plans for an Irish Festival are already in the works, I've got Halloween, and I've got a pretty good chance of working on a Festival piece coming up soon. Things will stay busy, which is the way I like it.

And I will write here more, I promise.


Sweetie said...

I LOVE the new cloak! Very nice!

Patchie said...

Thanks Sweetie! I know it'll be worth the investment in the long run!