October 13, 2009

Patchie [Introduces]

Meet Nala, the cat. Nala is The Child's pet and isn't quite a year old yet. There is a bump at the end of her tail, because someone probably shut it in a door and it didn't heal correctly. She doesn't notice.

Nala is an attention whore. And I don't mean that you sit on the couch to watch a movie while The Child naps and she's all up in your business. I mean I'll be making a sandwich and Cat will stand on the bread, put her paws on my shoulders, and lick my lips until I pay attention to her. And then she will stick her head down my shirt. I AM BEING MOLESTED BY A FELINE.

She also has this thing about beating me to the laundry room, like if she doesn't get there first I'll disappear or the house will get sucked into a black hole or a kid will go missing or something. I will be coming from the basement and she'll tear past me like a bat out of hell and get to the laundry room, slip on the linoleum, and then look at me like, "what?"

Cat will also sit on a chair looking all innocent like cats are supposed to be while you're abiding to the kids wishes of 19 glasses of chocolate milk a day and then she will LEAP INTO THE AIR and attack your arm. Just cause.

And then there's everyone's favorite List of Things I Have Almost Or Actually Shut the Cat In:
-The Pantry
-Numerous Closets
-Kitchen Cabinets
-The Garbage Disposal
-The Fridge
-The Washer
-The Dryer
-The Dresser
-The Dishwasher
-The Microwave

And the list keeps growing.


Rachel said...

I read this entry out loud to Whit, and she was CRACKING UP laughing.

I was pretty amused myself, having witnessed Nala's antics.

Can't wait to come home and see some more antics real soon.

Don said...

At least you haven't zipped it in your bag yet...