October 21, 2009

Patchie [Drowns]

Internet, I'm not sure if you knew this, but on the east coast this past week it rained. A lot. And not drizzly sissy rain, but big gushing drops that will forever be known now as "Lazy American Fast-Food Eating Rain Drops," thanks to a conversation backstage at the RennFest spawned by one of the guys from Scotland.

But really. It rained. And because I have no sense whatsoever and decided to do nothing but outdoor theatre for the month of October, I was in it. A lot. It started Thursday, when the local production I'm stage managing went back and forth for hours over whether or not we should cancel, because not only was it raining but it was only about 45 degrees. We decided to try to go for it, but after huddling together in the rain for about 20 minutes realized it just wasn't worth it. Turns out, no one showed up anyway.

BUT. On the way to the show, I received a call from Eric, one of my bests from college. "It's snowing in Pennsylvania." He shared. I told him that sucked. He told me he was on his way to visit our college. And that he was originally supposed to hit it by midnight, but with the weather wouldn't make it until at least three in the morning. "Can I stop and stay with you?" He asked.

Internet, the joy I felt was unreal. I would have stood in the rain for three days in order to make that a reality.

Oh wait. I did stand in the rain for three days.
Eric's visit pumped me up to a whole new level of content. I hadn't seen him since May, and it was long overdue. We caught up on how awesome our lives have been and got to spend a wonderful night together dancing and laughing and singing karaoke. He promised to stop on his way back through.

Friday we preformed in the rain and had an audience size that was surprising. It was wet and cold, but the cast members were such troopers and gave an awesome performance. I don't know how they did it.

Saturday I woke up early for RennFest. Still raining! And still 40!
It was one for the record books, apparently. People who had worked there for years said they hadn't seen a day this bad. There was a pool in the center of the stage that was about two inches deep. We'd sweep it off with the broom and fifteen minutes later it'd be right back in place, standing strong. We couldn't set any of the shows, attendance was painfully low, and I wound up being let go early, though I stuck around to give the girl who stayed breaks if needed.

And you want to know what I learned? My boots leak! And not a convenient leak, like from around the ankles or somehting where I just have to avoid puddles. They leak from the bottom. I just simply couldn't avoid it. Ten minutes into the day and my feet were soaked.

It was still a great day though. I found my way to a friends booth which had a roof and was out of the mud and spent a good amount of time there filling up on hot cider and good conversation. I did leave early though, once the girl who was left went home.

Sunday. Drizzling. 40 degrees! I wore rain boots. We got drunk on cold.
Actually, this was one of my favorite Fest days ever. We were determined from the beginning to have fun and though it was freezing we accomplished it. My cheeks hurt from laughing by the end of the day. The drizzle ended by noon, and we were left with cold and damp but still enjoyable. I stayed late for the first time in weeks and hung out with the regulars, and it was so worth the cold.
And I don't know if it was just because I was in the moment, but that was the best bread bowl of my life.


Uncle Keith said...

It makes me happy to see you so happy.

Patchie said...

Thanks UK! It's been a great few months, and I'm looking forward to many more!