September 18, 2009

Patchie [Upgrades]

New masthead - sadly, we are out of beach season. The end of beach season is always a little depressing. But the picture used was taken on what Nametwin and I refer to as 18-Point-Turn Road, or The Best Makeout Spots in Town. I mean really, in this area? There is not much.

We had our last photographic adventure on 18-Point-Turn Road before Nametwin shipped off to Oregon, and she's been gone exactly one week today. She's doing well out there, having all sorts of new experiences and discovering a new place. Miss her like crazy but she'll be back, at least for a visit, soon.

We had her going away shindig at our weekly karaoke spot, and I actually got up three times, which is saying a lot considering I'm a techie at heart, have awful stage fright, and can't really carry a tune in a bucket. I mean, I only get up there to sing ridiculous shit anyway, like Forgot About Dre or Dancing Queen. But you know what? Last night, I entered the karaoke contest. And got up there by myself. And had to sing Yellow Submarine. And I did it! I'm moving up in the world!

And speaking of moving up in the world, I have been promoted to The Riot Squad by Uncle Keith, a person who has been there for me almost from the start of my theatrical career, and has been more than I can ever ask for in a friend and mentor. Plus, his shit is hysterical and he has his own religion. Does it get better than that? I think not.