September 10, 2009

Patchie [Rushes]

Sitting here now and looking at the calendar, with the exception of tomorrow I do not have a single day off until Halloween. But damn, am I happy about it. I'm busy! I've got things to do! I'm not getting enough sleep! It's like the old days!'s not at all. I've got my shit together. I'm making decent money. I'm happy. I'm using my degree. And not just part of my degree, I'm using all of it! I'm Assistant Directing/Stage Managing a show at a local theatre, and I've got my first paying gig as a stage manager at the Maryland Renaissance Festival for a duo I've been watching for at least five years. And it's fantastic. Granted, the WoW talk gets a little old. And I have boobs and like the outdoors, so I don't play video games at all with the exception of a random round of drunken Wii. But the people are nice, I'm networking, I'm learning, I'm gaining an experience that I'll always remember. I'm having a blast. The pay isn't high, but it's so beyond worth it. Plus, I get to hang out in garb all day. And sometimes I get to hold a sword. How freakin' cool is that?!

Since the past weekend was a holiday, the faire ran three days. On the Monday I had a good 20 people that I knew attend, and it made for the best day thus far...I did my job, I wandered off between shows, and wrapped up the evening with a great low key evening at my house around the fire pit. While my legs have been sore ever since, it was worth it. I love this job.

The other job is...interesting. Out of my comfort zone. Not really something I want to do with the rest of my life. But I'm also enjoying the experience and I learn something new every day. That's all you can ask for, really.
I've been a bag of mixed emotions today. Tonight we're all getting together to say goodbye to Nametwin, and tomorrow she hops on a plane to Oregon. I'm excited for and proud of her. Don't want to see her go. Can't really deny it. I'm awful at goodbyes. They scare me. But I know her an I will be fine. I've been away the past three years. Her turn.

I appologize that this is a little jumbled, I needed a jumping off point and a lot of it came out in bursts rather than checking one off the list. The next post will be a little more focused. Maybe.


Diana E. said...

I can't believe your the SM for Hack & Slash. That's amazing.

I miss the Fest a lot right around now. Have a double blast for me!

Patchie said...

Diana - I am LOVING it. I am having a blast daily...I'll be sure to drink some mead for you!!