September 24, 2009

Patchie [Plays]

This week I've hit a bit of a brick wall. Internet, I am busy. I was busy in college beyond what normal majors could fathom. I had a full load of classes plus a part time job plus I was directing a show, being essentially one of the department managers, working on at least one other show, and trying to run a theatre conference. And find a real job. And maintain some shred of a personal life. I was insane.

I am insaner. I'm nannying all week, stage managing all weekend at RennFest, and throwing in rehearsals for a local production on top of it. I don't drive locally anymore. All three of these things are at least 20 miles from my house. In opposite directions from each other. And sometimes? I gotta do more than one in a day. I am spending my life in my car.

Which needed new breaks and cost me almost $500, by the way. They were "disintegrating," apparently. So...there went my savings account.

So I hit a bit of a brick wall. I was handling it and doing what I needed to do, but the overwhelmed panic stricken side of me sort of took over my insides for a bit and I can't really explain what happened except I went very deer-in-headlights when people would ask me about it, and I'd shake a little. And then go to the bar.

I took it all on knowing full well I'd hit this wall, but I was expecting it a little later in the game. I hit the halfway point on Monday. I'll have to celebrate.
Do not get me wrong. If I had my choice, RennFest would never end. I am having more fun there than I ever thought was possible. I'm working for and with a handful of great people who have made a difference in my life in a very short time simply from just being there and hanging out.
And the Nanny Job still continues to teach me something new daily, and currently The Child is on a playground kick, and that is more than fine with me - it gives me some time during the day (when I'm not pushing her on a swing) to sit back and let things settle. And that's a good thing.

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