August 26, 2009

Patchie [Winds]

**Note: this is a yarn post. If you don't care, check back later. I think I'll be posting something more general later.**

During my time on the Cape, I visited two yarn shops: Ladybug Knitting, and The Yarn Basket, which sadly does not have a site. While I found tons of new and different stuff in both, I have to admit I was a bigger fan of The Yarn Basket. It was better organized and easier to find things. But I will say this - it was very easy to tell what things cost in both. That's sometimes harder than you think (especially on a budget...I hate asking a clerk what a skein of yarn costs and then having to have her witness my eyes pop out of my head when she tells me it's $45). Anyway.

I ended up buying something in both - Malabrigo sock yarn for a scarf in LK and some Queensland Collection for wristwarmers in TYB . Both purple. Because I'm predictable. The Queensland is a small amount, so it's sold pre-wound essentially. Malabrigo is never wound. It's in a pretty twist that makes you want to buy it more. I asked them to wind it for me when I bought it. They did not have a winder.

In fact, I don't think the Great State of Massachusetts believes in winders. No one had one.

I knowingly have been spoiled. My Local Shop at home has a fantastic system for winding yarn, and it takes maybe three minutes and is damn convenient. In fact, I hadn't done anything by hand since last summer, buying yarn on the Cape. Go figure.

So, with a wonderful late afternoon ahead of me, I set out to do it by hand.

First, your yarn starts out looking like this:
They make a handy tool that you put the yarn around, it keeps it untangled, and spins in circles as you crank the winder. This was my handy tool:
And these were my winders:
Also, that facial expression sums up how happy I was about having to do it by hand. Because I'm spoiled.

So you get the yarn all set up keeping it taught, otherwise it turns into a knotted mess. Taking one end, I use the method of wrapping it between two fingers in a figure eight, like this:
And then I throw caution into the wind and take it off my fingers and just start wrapping it and hope for the best. And it eventually starts looking like this:
About now is when your cousins and brother will come outside and start screwing with you by trying to hit you with a Frisbee, because you're focused and can't exactly get up. And then they give up and come and sit with you and you all start talking about movies and comedians and That Time You Convinced Your Brother That Gwen Stefani and Madonna Were the Same Person.

And then you cross your legs because you're not paying attention. And then you curse a lot because you dropped the ball (a pun!) and forgot your legs were being used as an inanimate object. And then you sort it out resume winding.

It is a bit therapeutic and makes you feel like you worked harder for the outcome, but I certainly prefer the other way. I usually spend my time winding going "I could have knit at least three inches by now!"

In the end you are satisfied though, because what was once a large awkward circle of string is now this:
And eventually will be made into the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf. And if you're on Ravelry, you can find my project page here.


Team Knit ! said...

gorgeous yarn!! the tonal varigation in the purple is amazing.

- Julie

Patchie said...

I LOVE Malabrigo for that very reason!